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Josephine Lee | Released Expectations

When you let go of expectations the world opens up to you and there are endless opportunities. – Josephine Lee

Josephine see’s opportunity in hardship. After running a successful business in a small ballet market she knew that the best way to expand her business was to drop every product but one which was Professional Pointe.  She was advised against this decision but less than 2 years the pointe shop now has a vision to have professional fitters in every major U.S. city. She is also a world champion speaker, taking home 3rd place in Toastmasters yearly competition that begins with a pool of 30,000 contestants and after 6 months, and 6 rounds the final 3 remain on stage.

When 9 of the final 100 speakers at the world championship got together we created a lasting bond that started with Josephine asking us all to take a picture. So now not only is she a champion, but a friend. Her humanitarian efforts are helping make the world a better place.

Top Takeaways

  • Reckless
  • Don’t take yourself to serious
  • Everybody has a purpose

Quotes and Side notes

  • “Purpose is articulating what you’ve already known, pay attention to what tugs at you and brings immense joy”
  • “Never second guess yourself, just do it”
  • “I don’t take myself to serious, I do what feels right, I don’t’ resist the urge to compete, have a good time, take a chance, or risk”
  • “Reckless has a negative connotation, but there is something freeing about it.”

Side Notes

  • Taking risks
  • Business tips, greatest suggestions come from customers
  • Why you don’t have to fit in
  • Letting go of expectations


Paving the Way for Women of Color in Corporate America

Contributed By: Chynna Tomlin and Katrina Garnes

What’s Going On had the opportunity to speak with Jasmin Forts, creator of career consulting business Jobbing With Jas. Jasmin recognized early on that there were limited resources and mentorship opportunities for young women of color in the corporate workplace. She saw the need to “make a seat at the table” for exceptional women that needed that extra bit of guidance to reach their full potential.

Pre-mid Life Crisis and Political Depression

Contributed By: Shakima Dupont

As we slowly transition into the New Year, I’ve already hit a stump. I feel as though I’m going through a pre-mid life crisis, you know? I’m certain this has been practice for the big one! Like most of you I felt a great deal of dismay after the realization that Donald Trump was America’s new president. On one hand I thought, “This isn’t going to effect me, politics are for the rich!” Nothing they (and by they I mean the government) ever does benefits the poor. If anything we’re still going to be middle class citizens and what’s so new about that? Life will still go on. And on the other hand, the more news and debates I watched I started to notice just how much of an imbecilic, cold-hearted racist Donald Trump really was. #FACTS

Unless his supporters were dumb, deaf or blind then they must share the same ideologies as him. And that in turn made me question everything. Especially when it came to white people who I would have considered close friends. How, if they openly supported Donald Trump? The man is a bigot, a hypocrite, a liar and racist, and my boss who I often baby sit for not only supports him but believes in his gospel. This led me to wanting start a revolution.  So I did some research, met with some people and learned first hand that a revolutionary must always be ready to die for what they believe in. That being said, I’m not ready to die! Or maybe, not just yet! My death would not be enough to bring about the change that is needed.

Trayvon Martin’s death wasn’t enough, Sandra Bland’s death wasn’t enough, Korryn Gaines death wasn’t enough, so why would mine be? I was stuck. Then… my cousin died. She was 25 years old with 4 small children. And this though it was devastating, it become the wake up call I needed. If an individual so young, with 4 children and so much to live for could die why would I be spared? Her death inspired me to live. It encouraged me not to worry or stress about things that made no sense. It required me to live, to not just exist but do what my heart desired and let the brain figure out later if it made no sense.

I’m 26 years old, single, no children, life does not have to be so complicated. In the midst of this pre-mid life crisis I found purpose again. A renewed vision and balance. I learned how to speak on issues without letting them consume me fully.  I learned that I can also use my voice to spread knowledge amongst African Americans. I will never be afraid to say what is right and I will always be aware and know when I’ve reached my limits. Knowing when to walk away or when to say enough with a situation is vital to success. Peace. Love. And Blessings.

The views expressed here are solely of the author and not



Cantu Men’s Collection Launch Atlanta

On Friday (Feb. 10) Cantu Beauty celebrated the launch of there first men’s collection in Atlanta, Georgia at Live Edge Restaurant and Bar. Not only was the event exclusive, but guests got to mingle red carpet style alongside Cantu Beauty Ambassadors.

Event attendees were gifted with complimentary cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres, a bourbon tasting (complementary J.R. Revelry), specially crafted Cantu Cigars, free products and a “Cantu Barbershop” with live demos. We took a few photos of the event that can be found in the gallery above. Find more pictures by following the hashtag #doyouwithcantu.

Terence Moore | Faith and Focus

Contributed by: Tre’ Gammage

NFC Championship

CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, Outside The Lines, San Francisco Examiner, Atlanta Journal Constitute, 25 Super Bowls, and the white house have Terence Moore in common. Since the 1970’s Terence Moore has been an elite sports columnist, and in many cases, he is the first black columnist to do a lot of things.

And sports writing is only the vehicle of Terence Moore’s purpose in life. 30 years ago, he realized his calling is helping young people. “It’s not even something I do consciously, it’s a part of me”, and it’s the truth, for 5 years Terence has been a consistent mentor after meeting him at our Alma Mater Miami (oh) university, we also share a home town of South Bend Indiana.

A lot of people go into situations giving different effort, but my philosophy is giving the same effort in everything I do. Because everything is the same –  Terence Moore


Top Takeaways

  • Faith and focus
  • Everything is the same
  • Deal with problems not symptoms

Side notes

  • Having friends of every generation
  • Growth mindset
  • Passion, focus, and organization

Quotes & Side Notes

“The people I learn the least from are the people my own age”

“Never say you are inferior, don’t settle, and don’t go in thinking you are lesser of yourself”

“A lot of people go into situations giving different effort, but my philosophy is giving the same effort in everything I do”

“Another thing I’m learning is that we have to get out of the mindset that it’s about us”


Tre’ Gammage is a World class public speaker, Facilitator, and Entrepreneur.  Tre’s mission is to facilitate purpose, The Dash is a weekly podcast with a wide variety of guests and topics that provide challenging, meaningful, significant conversation. To find out What’s Going On with Tre’ visit 

Go Before Your Ready |The Dash Podcast With Tre’ Gammage

Contributed by | Tre’ Gammage

Many people accept defeat, I move on quickly.

How quickly does life change? In less than 12 month Brian Forte has gone from folding sweatshirts to owning the most popular restaurant in town. MezzoForte Restaurant and playhouse.

While starting his family run restaurant Brian also toured his play the “Gospel of Oz” through the bible belt of South Carolina.

You know it’s time to go when people see more for you than you see for yourself. When that happens “your purpose has outgrown your vision.”

Sometimes that means you have to go before you are ready.

Top Takeaways

  • Making idea’s reality
  • Defining your wealth
  • Reset


“The pressure of life we will take down the vision of who we are just to get y day to day. Not focused on my purpose and who I really was.”

“What’s supposed to happen will happen, you just have to be prepared.”

“Many people accept defeat, I move on quickly”

Side notes

  • The great times and the not so good times.
  • We can run from our past or utilize it.
  • God, Solace, and Art

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10 Restaurants in Atlanta That Won’t Break the Bank


Moving to a new place can be stressful thing. Outside of the physical strain of moving it’s often your social life that’s impacted the most. After the moving trucks have left and you’ve located the closes food market, pharmacy and other essential locations, the reality of a new location can sink in. It’s exciting to have a new place to explore, sure, but it can also be a little confusing and intimidating.

After you settle in a little at your new place, consider a trip around your new hood to locate these places that will make your transition into a new area a lot more enjoyable. If your part of the 53% of millennials that eat out once or more a week, finding that go-to restaurant will probably be at the top of your list.

Am I a foodie? Nope! Am I a restaurant critic? Definitely not! But I do know a thing or two about moving to a city, having to re-establish my social life, and “balling on a budget”.

So I decided to take some of the pressure off of you and provide you with 10 restaurants in Atlanta that’ll help ease your transition. I’m sure most locals may disagree with me but ‘ehhh’ it’s just my 2 cents (leave your suggestions below in comments).

ONE. midtown kitchen

ONE. midtown kitchen  is the perfect place for a romantic date night. It’s located merely seconds away from the historic Piedmont Park and has an incredible view of the Atlanta skyline. The building is a renovated ware house. There light fixtures are beautiful and they are sure to catch your attention when you walk in the door along with the beautiful decor. Something to note is they have smaller portions of food, but you won’t be disappointed! 

Lovely night for a stroll and a glass of wine. Join us at the bar!

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JCT. Kitchen & Bar

Located in the West Provisions District on the Westside of Atlanta. The perfect place for lunch with the girls. If you like southern cuisine and seafood you’ll love there menu. The food potions are fair and they never disappoint with quality. You’re sure to make a full day out of this trip being that it’s surrounded by premiere shopping locations, great views and outdoor entertainment.

Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House

I’m alway’s on the hunt for fresh and authentic seafood. I’ve been to this location (West Midtown) a few times for lunch this past summer. I’m a true southerner so I feel like I’m instantly attracted to outdoor eating areas with a good deck lol. They have a breath taking few of the city on from the upstairs deck and I always seem to squeeze my way in some how or another. There buffalo oysters charmed me over and there Six Feet Under Steamer is definitely worth it.

Sweet Auburn Seafood

Located in the heart of historic auburn, Sweet Auburn Seafood in engulfed in the culture of it’s surroundings.  Located in walking distance of many business (including Open For Business Co-working space) this is a great spot for lunch or more casual business meetings. Not to mention there superb customer service.

A photo posted by @sweetauburnseafood on

Another Broken Egg – Vinings, Georgia

Another Broken Egg is a chain located in several states across the U.S. but it wasn’t until I moved to Georgia that I visited this restaurant. More specifically I fell in love with the Vinings location. The best way to describe it is that, “It feels like home”. Every time the I visited this location was for more causal brunch meetings. Again, there out door seating caught my attention, It’s very comfy, heated and for pet lovers – yes they allow pets.

Thai 5 and Sushi Bar

Nothing about me is normal. It was no surprise that I fell head over heels when I found out about Little Five Points Atlanta. It’s what I call the eclectic area, just minutes away from downtown. Thai 5 & Sushi Bar is a cornerstone in the Atlanta community and has been recognized for its outstanding Thai cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.

BQE Edgewood

The combination of excellent food, great surroundings, and beautiful decor make bQE Restaurant and Lounge an Atlanta landmark and a place where people want to come eat again and again. There philosophy is that it’s essential to feed the mind, body, and soul. What started off as a quiet after work meeting in an ambient environment transformed into a comedy show with with ambient lights and lots of laughter, fun and great drinks.

Dinner served until 2am!!!!#blackenedsalmon#atlpics#foodporn#atlhotspot#atlnightlife

A photo posted by the bqe restaurant Atl🍴🍗🍳🎼🍸🍷🍹🍺 (@bqelounge) on

Hops Chicken

I consider Hops to be my on-the-go getaway. Perfect quick stop after I take a bike ride around the Atlanta Belt Line which overlooks the city. Located inside the Ponce City Market, it’s surrounded by small shops and great sceneray. Expect long waits at certain points because there friend chicken is amazing, simply put! But, its worth any wait. You be the judge!

Del Frisco’s Grille

New place, new things. This holiday season was mentally noted as being my first non-traditional Thanksgiving away from home and family. I had the pleasure of spending with the Del Frisco’s Grille family. This has become of my favs. Great place to have dinner with a loved one or a posh night out with the crew!

Wednesdays never tasted so good. Meet the new Wednesday Daily Dish, Slow-Roasted Pork Pot Roast. #DelFriscosGrille

A photo posted by Del Frisco’s Grille (@dfgrille) on

Rosa Mexicano

I’ve heard bad reviews about Rosa Mexicano but I only speak off my experiences.Located in Atlantic station it’s definitely a one stop shop for tourists. From restaurants, to clothing store, hotels, housing, YOU NAMMMEEE IT, they have it at Atlantic Station.  Initially I did notice long waits on weekend at Rosa Mexicano but I had an ah-hah moment the first time I went during the week day for lunch! There was no wait, even better prices, quick service and as always great eats. I’d suggest this place if your looking for a new place to have lunch or drinks with friends.


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Motivational Viral Videos

There’s so many videos floating around online that it’s sometimes hard cutting through the clutter. To my surprise, the past two weeks have been a breath of fresh air in regards to viral videos that are sure get you motivated and change your perspective on life and career.

Check out these two phenomenal videos that has had the internet in a frenzy lately!

Malcolm “MJ” Harris, CEO of National Care Financial Group will have you reassessing every coin you spend after watching his fiery explanation on how most people “spend to impress”. He goes on to explain what real financial freedom and wealth consists of. He gives recollections of past clients who were popular public figures who spend money on clothes, cars and jewelry but are in debt and have no savings. He compares them to the “what one would seem to be” everyday Tom or Harry’s who wear inexpensive clothes, drive regular cars but has no debt, has savings and over the years has properly invested and built wealth!

Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur and investor talks to viewers about pursuing only things that makes you happy. He explains how money alone won’t make you happy, although a lack of it can make you pretty sad.  It’s a lot like food. A hungry person may think that the key to happiness lies in a full stomach but you don’t really need to eat more beyond a point. There onwards, we need to decide whether we want to focus on chugging down that extra cheeseburger or focusing on something else of value to our lives. To each his own.


Deep enough for you? Leave you thoughts in the comments below.