Jasmyne Summers Talks Fashion and Creativity

Jasmyne Summers is a 23 year old fashion designer who is destined to be great in the fashion world. She believes that she would not be in the place she is now in her life it is wasn’t for Gods plan. Hailing from Statesboro, GA, she moved to Atlanta, GA to build her brand collection named Page XVII By: Jasmyne S. Page XVII represents her birthday May 17, 1992. Her collection can be described as chic, classic and elegant wear just for women. The collection targets an audience of young and older women whether they are at work, church, a luncheon, a banquet or a special event. Jazmyne believes before we were born God had a plan and a destiny for our lives. Her philosophy is, only through his guidance are we able to figure out what we have been called on this Earth to do. She feels that the name of her clothing line is relatable because everyone has a birthday and a destiny to fulfill. Her moto is that life is like a storybook. Everyone has a story, but what page does yours begin on?

Essence Festival 2016

The “Party with a Purpose” also known as the ESSENCE Festival is only four months away. It all started in the early 90’s, when ESSENCE magazine wanted to embark on a ground breaking concept. Little did they know, this new and creative idea would turn into one of the most sought after cultural and musical events in the U.S. This lifestyle magazine for African American women made the decision to create a festival of contemporary black music and culture. The only thing they knew was that they wanted the scenery to be somewhere everyone could enjoy great summer food, music, and fun. Having their eyes naturally on New Orleans, since it was the birthplace of Jazz and one of the starting points of Rock&Roll, Rhythm&Blues, Rap and other musical genres in the African American culture and tradition, they begin making preparations to host there first festival in the “Big Easy”.

Is Donald Trump a Branding Genius?

Let me be clear: I do not support his political views.

I do support his ability to get people talking about him and even some are willing to vote for him. Donald Trump is a brand of high-end, super-stardom and nothing less. Everything he touches turns into this over-the-top experience.

Here are three reasons why you should pay attention to his brand and apply these strategies into your own business:

Learn To Pose and Post

Ladies, have you ever wondered how different YouTube and Instagram sensations became so successful and how they gained thousands of followers and tons of clients through social media? Well, how would you like to learn how to network through social media with the help of Grammy award-winning R&B superstar Chrisette Michele? Now it’s your chance because on Sunday, April 12th 2015 your What’s Going On correspondent Katrina Garnes will be giving you a behind-the-scenes look of Chrisette Michele’s Pose N Post Symposium in Columbia, SC.

What’s Going On With Torica

Find out What’s Going On with Grammy nominated singer and song writer Torica as she discusses the business of music and her new single What If off her highly anticipated EP The Best or Nothing

Katrina: Where are you from originally?

Torica: I’m originally from Columbia, South Carolina.

Katrina: When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in singing?

Torica: I could always sing from a really young age. I went through this stage where I was afraid to sing in front of other people but I would sing at home or sing to my brother. My brother encouraged me to sing professionally, he felt like I had a unique talent. I started off singing in church, and I later went on to Howard University for college. When I left school I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, but what people in my family expected me to do. So I decided to move to Atlanta and within a year I landed the feature on Sick of Being Lonely with Field Mob. The song grew it’s own legs, we really didn’t think it would take off the way it did. Since doing that and getting my first letter in the mail from the Grammy Academy saying the song was nominated, I said, oh this is definitely what I need to be doing!

[Video] Brittany Blooms Budding Career

Contributed By: Abagail Roper

Q. As a young girl, you started singing in the church, at what point did you decide to pursue singing as a career?

A. I initially started pursing singing as a career in high school. I met with a producer to start making my own songs. I went on auditions for singing competition shows, and I started singing at weddings as my weekend job.

Q. What female artist do you look up to and why?

Brittney Ciara Stepping Out On Faith

As a new business owner it’s always a pleasure to meet other women in business who’ve took that same leap of faith of starting their own business or building their own brand. As women we take pride in our hair and it’s maintenance whether we’re natural or processed. So it’s not by coincidence that I met Brittney after an expected hair emergency forced me to step outside my normal hair salon. She was accommodating, kind, and we were able to chat about the upcoming opening of her very own hair salon. A few weeks past after my first visit and I visited her in her new space (just off Irby Street in Florence, SC) and decided to interview her about her new found journey! Read below and find out what Brittney had to say!