Rising Atlanta R&B Artist Shaun B Releases “Savage” Video


Atlanta R&B artist Shaun B just released visuals for his ambient track “Savage.”

“Savage” is a fan favorite from his latest project ‘Cocaine in the Evening.’ The track speaks on a brief situation and uses hypnotic vocals to harness the wavy instrumental from SlowKings. The visuals are brief but powerful. The minute long video is directed by Cam Kirk, who regularly works with Migos, Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug.

“‘Savage’ was a reflection of a literal situation that happened,” Shaun B said. “This girl put her number in my phone and then the song happened. Talk is cheap, especially when it comes to intimacy.”


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Never Give Up!

Contributed By: Tre’ Gammage

“There is two types of people in the world, those that make things happen, and those that watch things happen”

Top Takeaways

  • Take things to the next level
  • Becoming more consistent
  • Why do you do what you do


“Two types of people in the world, those that make things happen and those that watch things happen.”

“I never understood how important consistency was, there should be strategy to what you do”

Side notes

  • Networking
  • Vision board
  • Breaking down goal setting

Hiking is Life!

My recent trip to Colorado Springs, CO was when I  first discovered my love for hiking. My hiking trip at Garden of the Gods was definitely a life changing experience that I would never forget. During my transition of moving to Atlanta, I got so consumed living in such a big city, I totally forgot that the most beautiful creation by God is nature.

The wonderful feeling of being out in nature, away from the big city, disconnected from technology allowed me to connect with nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being that I never wanted to let go. Hiking has become my best medicine, giving me a place to escape from all my problems, be free and to clear mind. Even though it was a challenging experience, I was able to leave with a high dosage of determination and motivation for my next hike. The love and respect I’ve gained from hiking have grown into one of my best hobbies that I will continue to share with the world.

Follow me as I continue my hiking journey!! Check out my 5 top picks of great places to hike with amazing waterfalls in the Southeast.


Ruby Falls – Chattanooga, TN

Cumberland Falls – Corbin, KY


Toccoa Falls – Stephens County, GA

Lower White Falls – Oconee County, SC

Amicalola Falls – Dawsonville, GA


Mental Illness in the Black Community

Blog Contributors: Francheska “Fancy” Felder & Quendole “Que” Johnson

While more entrepreneurs are coming forward and talking about mental health issues, mental health continues to carry a stigma within the Black community. Through their work with Let’s Be Real Society, co-founders, Fancy (publisher of SwagHer Magazine) and Que (host of The Purple Girl Show) often noticed mental health was and is the source of many issues plaguing the Black community. They also realized it was even causing setbacks in their own personal lives and business. Last month, they decided they would recommit to their brand and vision, so upon the release of Future’s “Hndrxx” album and inspired by his song, “Fresh Air”, Fancy suggested they come forward and openly address what living with depression and anxiety is like. Together the two opened up and shared their inner thoughts to raise awareness for others suffering in silence.


“I don’t know what that feels like.” “But Fran I can’t imagine how that might feel.” These are the similar things I’ve heard while trying to explain to loved ones how it feels to live with depression and anxiety. Depending on the person, they may actually pause for a minute and try to imagine the pain, the weight- THE WAIT- the doubt, the negative thoughts I battle within my own head daily. And if you are like my ex (who wasn’t my ex), then you simply blow it off and go back to real sh**, like how you are going to blow money you don’t really have in the club to hide the pain you are carrying). If you are a more caring person, then you may really try to understand but can’t.

For this reason, I began practicing how to describe this feeling, because I think if people know how it feels then maybe more can be done about it, instead of trying to force controlled drugs and propaganda on us.

Greetings, I’m Francheska Felder, but I go by Fancy, and I suffer with both anxiety and depression often. In a study conducted by CNN, “The Dark Side of Creativity: Depression + Anxiety x Madness = Genius”. It was discovered that creatives suffer from “unusually high mood disorders”.

Vincent Van Gogh described it as the following to his brother Theo in a letter, “I am unable to describe exactly what is the matter with me. Now and then there are horrible fits of anxiety, apparently without cause, or otherwise a feeling of emptiness and fatigue in the head… at times I have attacks of melancholy and of atrocious remorse.”

Think back to a time you had a bad thought, for example the thought of losing a loved one. They’re fine right now but the thought just crosses your mind. Ok now did you cut it off and resume your day? In my experiences with depression, my thoughts continue to spiral downward. Now I’m thinking of this person passing, and how they will leave others behind, and how one day I will too, and how there’s so much pain the world, and why is there so much pain, why do we create things like greed, lust, and division amongst us…. and you see where this is going?

I can’t turn them off. I have to work to control them. That’s depression for me.

Other times, I’m waiting for something to happen. What I don’t know, but it’s a big test. Everything is a big test, and I’m waiting but I’m nervous as hell. I’ve studied, I’ve failed. I’ve studied harder. I have opened my mind. I have revamped. I’m ready. Put me in the game coach- but wait I’m going to be sick.

“I need fresh air! I need to get out on my own.” (Future, 2017, Track 8).

Both depression and anxiety have caused me to ruin or miss important moments in my life and career. They have held me back from growing into the woman I aspire to be, but this year I decided I could no longer live trapped in my own mind. I must face these illnesses head on.



” I can’t breathe” we all heard this phrase before. Rather it was from a senseless act to an asthma attack! Have you ever considered there are people in your face every day who can’t breathe and you don’t even know it! Yep, I am one of those people. Hi, my name is Que Johnson I’m a mother, entrepreneur, smart- oh did I mention cute, and I suffer from anxiety -a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Physiatrist describe it as a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

Although it’s not life threating, and it doesn’t have life expectancy on how long you will live with it, it can affect your day to day activities. Women are twice more likely to suffer from it than men. According to the HHS office of Minority Health Black/African American, adults are 20% more likely to report serious phycological distress than white adults!

Now that you have a clearer understanding, I want to let those know who are suffering in silence “you are NOT alone” (Michael Jackson, 1995), (one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs), but really you’re not!

I made the decision to no longer hide, be embarrassed and could care less what people think! Anxiety has at times crippled my decision making, ruined relationships, put off projects. It has pretty much slowed me down from things that were very important to me.

When it came time to do certain things or be around certain people my anxiety symptoms would start to flare up like getting light headed, or a headache, constant nervousness in my stomach sometimes even vomiting. I would get the shakes, sweat or just completely shut down! How do you share this with people? I didn’t, but you can!

It’s time for “Fresh Air” take a deep breathe in and exhale the bull$h!t!  It’s time to live again. People say you only live once, but I don’t believe that. You only die once, but you can live again each day you have breath in your body. I’m not completely healed from anxiety, but it no longer has me in bondage! I feel free. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Let’s be real about this! You cannot do this alone. If you feel that you are, shoot us an email,  or join our Facebook group, “Let’s Be Real Society- Breathe”.

Championship Lifestyle

Contributed By: Tre’ Gammage

“Once you understand your purpose, the pressure of the pursuit is worth it”

Toyinda Smith a former walk on to Purdue University’s Track and Field team, walked out an 8 time Big 10 Medalist, and 5 time champion. Today that Championship Lifestyle is available in the form of Online Training camps, to pull towards victory, and press to maintain a standard of excellence.

Top Takeaways

  • Become a Champion
  • Pain Is Purpose
  • To be a woman


The first thing to do is take a step, it doesn’t matter which direction”

“A Legacy of Lifting”

“To reach your capacity zone you have to release your comfort zone”

“If a man is fulfilled, you are confident in your direction, than your woman will be happy to help life you”

Side notes

  • Equation and Methods
  • Who do I get to be
  • Gaining Influence

I Survived The Quarter Life Crisis

My early 20s was the most difficult time in my life. After graduating, from college, with a degree in Mass Communications I was elated and optimistic about starting my career. I had it all figured out and my plans was to have my dream job by 25, get married and build my beautiful home by 28. Well, this plan didn’t work at all and in reality my life felt like a total disaster. After the many rejections in finding the perfect job, I gave up and settled for a position working at a call center for almost two years. In addition, I felt lonely living a single life and building my dream home was out the question (it was more like living home with my parents until I found out exactly what I wanted to do). I was having a quarter life crisis and the thought that this was happening to me made me I’ve became dissatisfied with the life.

During this time, in my life, I was filled with so much anxiety. I knew something had to change and if I wanted a better life it started with me.  After coming across one of my favorite scriptures gave confirmation that even though my life didn’t turn out how I plan doesn’t mean it was over. It was just the beginning and it was up to me to make these changes.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. – Jeremiah 29:11

My first big change was creating a list of commitments that would help me overcome my quarter life crisis. After relocating and living in the beautiful city of Atlanta for almost a year, I’ve learn so much about myself, I gained hope again and best of all I was able to find my purpose. My commitments have truly shaped me into the person I am today and I truly believe anyone who’s definitely feeling lost in their 20s can make start to find hope again by incorporating these habits into your lives daily.

Enjoy the struggle. The journey of finding your purpose is such a beautiful thing. Whether you’re having trouble finding the perfect job, struggling financially or finding happiness you’ll appreciate it much more.

Take risks. You will never lose taking a chance. It can be a blessing or lesson. The most successful people in this world took risks. If you don’t try you’ll never know how perfect somethings would turn out.

Meet new people. Hello… the secret to success is networking. Building long lasting relationships with people who have similar goals will help you achieve your ultimate goals.

Travel. Traveling is always a great way to overcome any issues. With the many benefits including broadening your horizon, building confidence and creating memories for a lifetime, you’ll be able to appreciate life more with much gratitude.

Try a new hobby. Go hiking, swimming, join a speaking group or a cooking class. The key is to learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and commit to something. The feeling of completing a task of something you’ve never imagined doing is amazing.

Stop comparing yourself to others.  The worst thing you could ever do is compare your life to others.  Comparing the worst we know of ourselves to the best we presume of others is a losing battle. Everyone has their own gifts, talents and purpose.  Be you. Be unique. Shine like the star you are.


Preparing Your Child

“Wealth is built through generations, at some point you have to say I’m going to live better for my kids so they don’t have to start from 0.” 

Contributed By | Andre Gammage 

Preparing Your Child for Education is a program designed to provide parents with the appropriate resources and skills necessary to create an effective environment that prepares young children for their education. Judge Gammage has combined his 20 years as managing The Law offices of Berger & Gammage, with 3 years as Magistrate Judge in St. Joseph County Indiana.  Judge Gammage has also raised 4 children who are prospering due to the opportunities put in front of them. 

In Episode 4 we get the perspective from inside the court room, the Judge, and Defense Attorney who stood next to the parent before watching their child go to jail. 

Top Takeaways

1)      Have you done enough

2)      Preparing your child

3)      Help people help themselves


“Your child isn’t born bad or good, they are a blank slate, and you make that child”

“Pyce helps you create a better environment so your child see’s success in you, which brings success to the child.

“Have you put in the effort to hone your skills and get better”

“Wealth is built through generations, at some point you have to say I’m going to do  better for my kids so they don’t have to start from 0.”

Side Note

1)      Election Impact

2)     Your Child is a blank slate.

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Josephine Lee | Released Expectations

When you let go of expectations the world opens up to you and there are endless opportunities. – Josephine Lee

Josephine see’s opportunity in hardship. After running a successful business in a small ballet market she knew that the best way to expand her business was to drop every product but one which was Professional Pointe.  She was advised against this decision but less than 2 years the pointe shop now has a vision to have professional fitters in every major U.S. city. She is also a world champion speaker, taking home 3rd place in Toastmasters yearly competition that begins with a pool of 30,000 contestants and after 6 months, and 6 rounds the final 3 remain on stage.

When 9 of the final 100 speakers at the world championship got together we created a lasting bond that started with Josephine asking us all to take a picture. So now not only is she a champion, but a friend. Her humanitarian efforts are helping make the world a better place.

Top Takeaways

  • Reckless
  • Don’t take yourself to serious
  • Everybody has a purpose

Quotes and Side notes

  • “Purpose is articulating what you’ve already known, pay attention to what tugs at you and brings immense joy”
  • “Never second guess yourself, just do it”
  • “I don’t take myself to serious, I do what feels right, I don’t’ resist the urge to compete, have a good time, take a chance, or risk”
  • “Reckless has a negative connotation, but there is something freeing about it.”

Side Notes

  • Taking risks
  • Business tips, greatest suggestions come from customers
  • Why you don’t have to fit in
  • Letting go of expectations


Powerful Couples Who Exemplify Black Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and also Black History Month so what better time to celebrate the beauty of black love than now. We’re highlighting 5 inspiring couples who exemplify love!

 Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King Jr.

The first couple of the civil rights movement inspired an entire generation. The dynamic duo has taught us that love can thrive when there is a shared dedication to both purpose and legacy.

Barack and Michelle Obama

With over 20 years of marriage, The Obamas beautiful marriage inspired the nation for the last eight years and romance brought to the White House will be missed.

Jada Pickett and Will Smith

Hollywood’s most down to earth and hottest couple. Communication is the secret to their long lasting relationship while being spontaneous keeps the spark alive in the love life.

 Denzel and Paulette Washington

Over 34 years of marriage, we can learn a lot from the Washingtons. Most people say Paulette is one lucky woman to be married to the most talented man in Hollywood but I truly believe Denzel is the lucky one to find a queen like Paulette.  They are the true example of relationship goals.

 Beyonce and Jay Z

One of the world’s highest paid celebrity couple, Jay Z and Beyonce has built a brand, an empire and a family in their past 15 years of love. The Carters are the musical power couple we all love to watch and inspire to be.



Pre-mid Life Crisis and Political Depression

Contributed By: Shakima Dupont

As we slowly transition into the New Year, I’ve already hit a stump. I feel as though I’m going through a pre-mid life crisis, you know? I’m certain this has been practice for the big one! Like most of you I felt a great deal of dismay after the realization that Donald Trump was America’s new president. On one hand I thought, “This isn’t going to effect me, politics are for the rich!” Nothing they (and by they I mean the government) ever does benefits the poor. If anything we’re still going to be middle class citizens and what’s so new about that? Life will still go on. And on the other hand, the more news and debates I watched I started to notice just how much of an imbecilic, cold-hearted racist Donald Trump really was. #FACTS

Unless his supporters were dumb, deaf or blind then they must share the same ideologies as him. And that in turn made me question everything. Especially when it came to white people who I would have considered close friends. How, if they openly supported Donald Trump? The man is a bigot, a hypocrite, a liar and racist, and my boss who I often baby sit for not only supports him but believes in his gospel. This led me to wanting start a revolution.  So I did some research, met with some people and learned first hand that a revolutionary must always be ready to die for what they believe in. That being said, I’m not ready to die! Or maybe, not just yet! My death would not be enough to bring about the change that is needed.

Trayvon Martin’s death wasn’t enough, Sandra Bland’s death wasn’t enough, Korryn Gaines death wasn’t enough, so why would mine be? I was stuck. Then… my cousin died. She was 25 years old with 4 small children. And this though it was devastating, it become the wake up call I needed. If an individual so young, with 4 children and so much to live for could die why would I be spared? Her death inspired me to live. It encouraged me not to worry or stress about things that made no sense. It required me to live, to not just exist but do what my heart desired and let the brain figure out later if it made no sense.

I’m 26 years old, single, no children, life does not have to be so complicated. In the midst of this pre-mid life crisis I found purpose again. A renewed vision and balance. I learned how to speak on issues without letting them consume me fully.  I learned that I can also use my voice to spread knowledge amongst African Americans. I will never be afraid to say what is right and I will always be aware and know when I’ve reached my limits. Knowing when to walk away or when to say enough with a situation is vital to success. Peace. Love. And Blessings.

The views expressed here are solely of the author and not