Fulfilling desires in your heart makes your life and dreams worth fighting for. – Sue Ham

Sue-Ham is a mother, veteran Marine, author, speaker, playwright, actor, and director. Being a lady of many hats, she still makes time to travel and share inspiration to others around the world doing what she calls “giving back”. To Sue-Ham giving back is not always monetary, but touching others and giving them resources they can use to follow dreams or to succeed in life trials. When on the road, traveling and being the great motivational speaker she is, she leaves and empowers others by “Don’t Quit, Follow Your Dreams”. “This slogan means a lot to me”, Sue-Ham stated.

sueham pic2Going through a lot of obstacles such as a divorce, bankruptcy, losing her personal things and property gave her that fight to continue on with her dreams. She could have easily given up, but knowing she was capable of empowering others kept her focus. Her quest is to share her experience with others, in which it will inspire them to “Live On Purpose” despite the storm, and follow their dreams. Sue-Ham was destined to be different since birth with her creative name. “My mother said she named me after one of the actresses name Sulondia, so she decided to give me that name”, said Sue-Ham. Not only is her name catchy, but the way she goes about catching her audience attention is better. Sue-Ham’s out of the box style of combining entertainment, comedy, and education leaves her audience wanting more each time she speaks. She believes that when you can get in the presence of people, entertain and help them that it begins to help you also.

Continuing her fight, Sue-Ham has done great things. By Sue-Ham having the passion for dialogue, and always writing short stories about life or what she was going through, she began turning them into stage plays. Once she found out how to transform her hurt into a stage play that is when it all begun for her. Some of her things consist of her expressing her talent of writing and acting. Her body of work includes, but is not limited to The Sue-Ham TV Show, The Sue-Ham Radio Show, Flippin’ Da Script stage play, I Am Who I Am stage play, and her most recent sensation is Salon Drama, the stage play. When her viral beat boxing video which aired nationally on BET (Black Entertainment Television), she was seen on several social media networks and outlets. She has also been featured on Bravo TV hosting Queen Brooklyn’s Health and Beauty Expo. Recently, Sue-Ham was selected by renowned playwright, director, and producer, David E. Talbert, to join the cast for the film, “A Meyers Christmas,” which is being released through Universal Pictures which includes such talent as Danny Glover, Monique, Kimberly Elise, and many others!

At this time Sue-Ham is working on a special project to help youth not only in her community, but around the world. This project is her transforming her stage play into a DVD, and theatre format. Reasons behind her ventures are to encourage youths to stay focus, follow their dreams and to give them hope for positivity in their lives. “I want to give youth enough outlets and information for them to know that they can follow their dreams and that they are not limited to resources in front of them” says Sue-Ham. Anyone is able to assist with this project. All they have to do is donate at www.SalonDramaPlay.com where the proceeds will help.

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