It’s no secret, one of my favorite topics to write about is finance. You would think working at a bank my budgeting skills would be great, but it’s been one of my biggest challenges. For the past few months I’ve been able to learn and practice the importance of saving. In fact, I was able to reach my goal for my ultimate vacation 4 months earlier than my projected time of 8 months. Though this was a huge accomplishment for myself, much credit goes to the individual who inspired me to take control of my finances, the “Queen of Finance” and money mogul, Jalesa Ann.

Once I discovered Money Mogul Jalesa Ann on Instagram, it was no turning back. Her money tips, daily affirmations, courses and webinars resulted in my new found financial success. The icing on the cake was my recent opportunity to interview the “Queen of Finance” herself.  During our conversation it was surprising to hear that becoming a financial expert didn’t start out as her calling. Ann received her degree in broadcasting and started her career as a reporter at FOX News. Her very first story on suicide changed her mind about her career path which then led her back to Texas. After moving, the first job she found was in finance. Better yet, in the words of the money mogul,

Finance found me! – Jalesa Ann

Jalesa Ann spent several years in the finance industry where she gained experience from working for a bankruptcy lawyer as well as helping others in foreclosures find solutions to their money problems. With all of her accomplishments she never imagined being laid off and like most people she wasn’t financially prepared. Being unemployed, $40,000 in debt with no savings can be a lot for anyone to handle and to Jalesa Ann it was reality. Jalesa Ann took matters into her own hands and devoted her time to studying and mastering all aspects of personal finance. Her dedication and willingness to learn resulted in paying off her debt in full. Being debt free is a wonderful feeling but she knew sharing her story to inspire and help others (especially women) build financial confidence was her sole purpose.

Abagail: Your story has inspired so many women across the country. Why did you feel it was necessary to share your story to others?

Jalesa Ann: When I was working in mortgages I realized this wasn’t just a problem for me, a lot of people were having issues with debt and credit. What we think is common sense is not common at all. A lot of people just don’t understand and immediately I knew there was a need for someone to teach this. I felt it was important to tell my story because people need someone they can relate to and resembles them and I knew that someone was me.

Abagail: What was one of the most difficult obstacles you experience while building your brand and business?

Jalesa Ann: I would definitely have to say overcoming my own self-limiting beliefs. I felt like I wasn’t good enough or didn’t know enough and also dealing with the “who are you to charge” or “who are you to teach” I would say was the hardest. In addition, becoming visible because sometimes when you put yourself out there you can really get hurt and of course social media can be a very happy place but it can also be a very cruel place.

Abagail: There are a plethora of financial articles, blogs and websites. What stands out about Money Mogul Jalesa Ann?

Jalesa Ann: I’ve learned to stay focus on sharing my gift, continue what I’m doing and just know God will send the right people to me because we can all teach the same information but people take it differently from different people. In the beginning, I was so focused on being different but I realized when it comes to finance it’s very simple and a lot of the terminology are the same so instead of trying to come up with a very creative way to stand out I just told my story and there were people who resonated with me and people who prefer to hear it from someone else and that’s perfectly fine.

Abagail: Who is someone who you look up to and would love to work with?

Jalesa Ann: I absolutely admire and adore Money Maven Patrice C. Washington. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with her and it was mind blowing to me. When I first began to search for women like myself in this field, she was the first person I found and I’ve fell in love with her work ethics. Mrs. Washington is such a sweet and down to earth individual and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to meet her which was one of the best experiences ever.

Abagail: You’re a author, speaker and personal finance coach. What is the next step in Jalesa Ann’s career?

Jalesa Ann: I will be launching my book later in 2017 and I recently launched a membership site God gave me the vision to help more women and make it affordable. The membership is $9.99/month and it will include a lot of valuable content. Each month, I will be teaching a different personal finance class. I’ll be building a community of women who want to learn about their finances and connect with other women while empowering and encouraging each other.

From her humble beginnings to becoming her own boss as a financial expert, Money Mogul Jalesa Ann has led the way to financial freedom for many individuals including myself. Just like her mom, who herself spent over 20 years in the finance industry and has been her biggest inspiration, Jalesa Ann plans to continue to inspire, educate and create money moguls across the nation.

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Abagail Roper is a charming Southern Belle originally from Charleston, SC. With a degree in Mass Communications from Francis Marion University “Abby” has devoted the latter of her life and career to journalism and creative projects. She recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to advance in her career and take the media industry by storm!

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