Jasmyne Summers is a 23 year old fashion designer who is destined to be great in the fashion world. She believes that she would not be in the place she is now in her life it is wasn’t for Gods plan. Hailing from Statesboro, GA, she moved to Atlanta, GA to build her brand collection named Page XVII By: Jasmyne S. Page XVII represents her birthday May 17, 1992. Her collection can be described as chic, classic and elegant wear just for women. The collection targets an audience of young and older women whether they are at work, church, a luncheon, a banquet or a special event. Jazmyne believes before we were born God had a plan and a destiny for our lives. Her philosophy is, only through his guidance are we able to figure out what we have been called on this Earth to do. She feels that the name of her clothing line is relatable because everyone has a birthday and a destiny to fulfill. Her moto is that life is like a storybook. Everyone has a story, but what page does yours begin on?

When God has a plan for your life everything will fall into place only if you let him lead you and guide your journey JASMYNE SUMMERS

To Jasmyne, fashion is a form of expressing yourself because everyone is different in their own way. As a child she would watch Project Runway with her mom and became fascinated with the way the designers put together pieces of clothing. Jasmyne started making clothes, bags, and purses by hand until she got her first sewing machine at the age of 15. “When I got my sewing machine I was so happy, I wanted to sew so badly I made a pillow case as my first project”, states Jasmyne.

Jasmyne graduated from South Carolina State University with a Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Business; Fashion Merchandising. After graduating with her undergraduate degree she realized that she didn’t want to own a store or be on the business side of the fashion industry. Jasmyne later moved to Atlanta to pursue her fashion degree along side of her highly appreciated trainer from Master Tailor, James McFarland, better known as “Gentleman Jim”. From him she learned the skills needed to grow as an individual and designer.

Page XVII By: Jasmyne S., has been featured in multiple fashions shows such as, Augusta Fashion Week, RAW Artist Atlanta, Small Boutique Fashion Week Atlanta 2015 and New York Fashion Week Fall 2015. Page XVII By: Jasmyne S. had the privilege of being the official dress sponsor for the Miss Natuarlista Pageant USA 2015 as well as features in multiple blogs. Along with designing clothes, Jasmyne also styled music artist, Emmaline which later led her to being featured in the “Namaste” music video by Visto Ft. Emmaline and Domani Harris that was released on “The Fader”, in Fall 2015. As a fashion designer she has learned that it is all about business when handling clients and that how you treat your clients is very important. “Having talent won’t get you far if you don’t know how to talk to people. You must make sure you listen and that your clients leave with a good experience as well”, Jasmyne states.

Knowing that creativity has a big part of designing, Jasmyne gets her creativity from the fabric. She gets her creativity from the fabric by first looking at the fabric, sketching in her head what design she can get from the fabric, and going with that feeling. Jasmyne describes her own style as glamorous and flashy with a spin of sequences. On a regular day if she is not at an engagement, her style is lounge wear. Even though Page XVII By: Jasmyne S. is just for females, it will soon be for males as well. “At this time I am working on a bow-tie collection. “I’m taking it slow but it will be on its way”, states Jasmyne. After conquering the bowtie collection there might be a suit and blazer collection in the future for men.

In the next five years Jasmyne hopes to have studio space, more celebrity clients and complete more editorial work. She also hopes to attend and showcase her work in Los Angeles, and to grow with major companies and the fashion industry in New York. Words of inspiration Jasmyne has for upcoming or thriving fashion designers are to follow your dreams, go for what you want. To just start somewhere and perfect your craft as you go, and that no one can do something the way you can.



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