Many want to be a leader, but they don’t portray the skills or qualifications of a leader. Some believe that a leader is someone that can guide others or that others may follow. Some may also believe that a leader is someone that empowers in a positive manner. I agree with the population that believes a leader is someone that empowers others in a positive manner.

In order to empower others you first must have gone through or walked the path in which the ones that you are trying to lead. In order for you to guide someone, you have to have some guidance information in the area. Here are six ways to empower and lead others:

  1. Share information
  2. Create clear goals and objectives
  3. Teach that it’s o.k. to make mistakes
  4. Create an environment that celebrates both successes and failures
  5. Support a learning environment
  6. Let teams become the hierarchy

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. – John Maxwell

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