When you hit the scene make sure you do it good enough to have all the eyes on you. If you need assistance doing so, I know one man that will surely give you what you want, Zoe Dupree.

Stefon Allen better known as Zoe Dupree is an all around fashion stylist from Philadelphia. To Zoe, fashion is being able to express yourself without any rules. While looking for a job at the end of his undergrad semester Dupree and a few of his friends snuck in the BET Awards with no money in their pockets, telling celebrities and others around that he was a stylist. At the awards show he had the opportunity to assist with clothing industry elite as well as assisting with clothing malfunctions. Their he had the opportunity to network with established individuals in the industry. Since then Zoe has styled celebrities such as Hip-Hop Princess Lil’ Mo, Fantasia, SWV, and now traveling stylist for rap icon Young Thug. Dupree has been seen on BET’s 106 & Park and New York Fashion Week.

I think however you feel or what the season is can be used in your everyday fashion – Zoe Dupree


Zoe became inspired to pursue fashion when he was a child. As a baby he was born premature. He was always
smaller than others, and there were no clothes to actually fit him so he had to have his clothes made. This led Zoe and his mom to design and put different pieces of clothing and patterns together. “I used that situation to begin expressing my own style”, states Dupree.

According to Zoe there are just as many positives as negatives in being a fashion stylist. One positive attribute of being great stylist is that once you do a great job with a client your name and work quickly spreads amongst others who also will want to work with you. He also noticed that networking is a great way to build not only credibility but trust amongst your clients. Just as any profession there is a negative side as well to being a stylist. Just as easy as you book a gig you can be replaced. That is why Zoe works so hard, keeping a positive attitude, constantly networking, and constantly creating different styles and looks. “Fashion is based off of people going out of the norm in expressing themselves through their clothes”, states Zoe Dupree

Zoe admires Law Roach who is Zendaya’s stylist, iamhdiddy, and Angel who is also known as AngelTheStylist (all who can be seen on Twitter). When asked who he would like to style or assist, he blissfully named Lauren Hill. “She is super dope. Her bohemian sheek style is awesome.” If Zoe could give any encouraging words to someone trying to make their way into the fashion industry or follow their dreams it would be to “honor God and he will honor you” and to “keep God first”. At this time Zoe has a t-shirt line out with the logo In Zoe We Trust. He is also working on upcoming projects, one of them being a fashion session seminar for young children. He is hosting this fashion session as a way to expose them to fashion and following their dreams. Wanting to give back to the community, Zoe plans on creating several outlets to empower the youth.

For more information on Zoe Dupree, styles, and what he has going on check him out on Instagram, and Twitter at Zoedupree1914. Be on the look out for his website which is coming soon. #ZoeDupree .

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