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Meet Allegro Dinkwanyane, a 26-year-old media industry powerhouse from South Africa, recently recognized by Forbes Woman Africa as one of Africa’s youngest female media business owners on the rise. Allegro, a University of Johannesburg and University of Cape Town alumnus, made the decision to become fully self-employed in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Since launching her entertainment website, Orgella Entertainment, in 2011, she has expanded her company to include eight entities, including a fashion boutique, a charity foundation, and a real estate company. Starting and committing to entrepreneurship at such a young age can be a intimidating, but for Allegro, it was something that she always  she wanted to do. Instead of being intimidated by the constant pressure, she actually takes it as a compliment; knowing that she achieved so much at such a young age keeps her from wavering. A better way to look at it for her is taking those feelings and using them to inspire young people.

I use it a lot to encourage a lot of the youth that you can start young. You don’t have to wait until you’re in your 30’s and 40’s to really chase after your dreams. — Allegro Dinkwanyane

Another plus about being in the industry so young is that you’re able to make mistakes and learn from them. When asked about how she is able to manage so many entities, Allegro laughs. She contributes her success to her faith. She insists that she has a great team, including her family, who plays an active role in keeping things running. She also keeps in mind the timing, and strategically launches new entities only when they were ready. She notes that part of the beauty of having multiple entities is that when necessary, one can help another that’s in need. Her most lucrative business, Orgella Communications, can step in to support annual charity events when sponsorships are low.

Who is her biggest inspiration? If you couldn’t tell by the name reversal in her business name, it is Oprah Winfrey. She would watch her iconic talkshow daily growing up, and is an avid follower of her brand and work. Dinkwanyane insists that the top three things that got her where she is today is firstly consistency, which has “always been key,” and also includes thinking through the plans that she has and making sure that she really loves what she’s doing. She also values teamwork. Her team works just as hard as she does and shares the same vision, which is really helpful in the grand scheme of things. Last but definitely not least, she cites prayer, which never failed her. “There are times where it’s not glamorousand that’s a time when I’m so strong spiritually,” she says.

In regards to potential expansion and what’s next, Allegro hopes to branch out to London and New York, although they are competitive markets. However, she feels she still has a lot of work to do in Africa, which could explain her extensive philanthropist work. She feels that it is important to give back because we do not live in isolation; there are people all around us who could use help and support and they shouldn’t be neglected.

As far as social media, Allegro loves it! Citing Instagram as her favorite platform, she insists that the best thing about it is that you can show both sides of your life and open up opportunity to build relationships, which in turn builds loyalty. It’s also free advertising, which is great when 60% of your business is based online.  Dinkwanyane is a young woman of color breaking barriers in as many ways possible. She is a real life product of consistency and hard work. It probably won’t be too much longer before you hear her name alongside other prominent women on this side of the Atlantic. If you want to follow Allegro or learn more about her brand, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram

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