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What’s Going On had the opportunity to speak with Jasmin Forts, creator of career consulting business Jobbing With Jas. Jasmin recognized early on that there were limited resources and mentorship opportunities for young women of color in the corporate workplace. She saw the need to “make a seat at the table” for exceptional women that needed that extra bit of guidance to reach their full potential.

Currently, millennials are the largest generation in the labor force, making up one-third of working Americans. In the last five years, a whopping 87% of millennials took on management roles versus 38% of GenX workers and 19% of Boomers. Couple these numbers with the fact that over 63% of U.S. executives will be eligible to retire in the next five years and you can see that this generation is rapidly becoming the future. Even more interesting – millennials are the most ethnically and racially diverse generation, with 19% being Hispanic, 14% being African-American, and 5% being Asian, and 38% of them are bilingual.

To be a part of such a skilled, talented, and forward-thinking generation, it can be especially hard for job seekers of color to break into the corporate world and find themselves properly represented and supported. For Jas, creating a “toolkit” for women of color is a necessary stepping stone toward making sure that young professionals have the help they need.

When asked about what her catalyst to lift Jobbing With Jas off the ground was, she noted that her first clients were her closest girlfriends. They were her cheerleaders, and encouraged her to step out and take on a project that she excelled at. Those women, along with her daughter, inspired her to start her journey of entrepreneurship.

She explained that working in the corporate world comes with disadvantages. Although young people often have the spark that companies may be missing, oftentimes younger workers are subject to discriminating behavior as a result of the stereotypes that millennials face regularly. Studies show that 60% of millennials are open to new job opportunities, while 21% have changed jobs in the past year alone. However, nearly two-thirds of workers prefer full-time employment. Companies miss out on young talent due to the lack of engagement in the workplace. And as many know, millennials want a job that feels worthwhile, and will search until they find it. In a nutshell, as Forts said, “a lot of times rejection is protection.”

Wondering how to snag the perfect job for you? Jasmin has 4 tips to steer you in the right direction:

1. Be real with yourself. Once you identify and define exactly what you want to do it helps you lay out a road map to the next steps in where you’re going to target your search for your desired position.

2. Create an employment strategy. Know where your desired job vacancies live. Oftentimes organizations will only post job openings on “niche sites.”

3. Do your homework. Use LinkedIn, GlassDoor, and Payscale to identify your desired salary range so you’ll know what offers to say no to.

4. Be in tune with your next steps. The freelance and contractor workers are the wave of the future. Don’t be afraid to be with an organization for a set time and leave when necessary.

5. (Bonus!) Face-to-face networking will never go out of style. Learn how to be social without a phone. You will get a lot more information about a person and organization in person than on social media.

Connect with Jas online at for a plethora of career resources, including resume writing, employment strategy opportunities, salary negotiation teachables, DIY resume workshops, and more! Don’t let the formalities of the job search keep you from reaching your financial and life goals.

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