By: Chynna Tomlin and Katrina Garnes

What’s Going On had the opportunity to chat with Philadelphia native Shae Wilbur, who started out performing on stage with her father in church and is now a regular on Emmy award-winning show EXTRA hosting a weekly shopping segment.

Shae grew up in a religious household; her father was a music minister. For this reason, she was very involved in church. She spent a lot of time in front of large groups of people from a young age. It was with that experience under her belt that she auditioned for American Idol, which jumpstarted her transition from music to television. While it was scary at first to audition, she also found the experience empowering. With the encouragement of her husband, she took the time as an opportunity. During Hollywood Week, she found that she loved being around the cameras and environment so much that when she returned home, she took an opportunity to be a part-time social media journalist on a local show. In time, it manifested into a full-time job with nationally syndicated segments. She expressed that she refused to let the lack of resources or her location stop her, and she did the best she could with what she had.

Photo Credit: Samantha Sito

In 2016 Wilbur launched her YouTube series, “People Who Inspire,” which captures great people like Sazan Hendrix and Mario Lopez. She wanted to spotlight amazing people that inspired her. She explained that while the shopping and entertainment segments are great, she wanted an outlet to show the deeper side of things. Perhaps she will be able to make it a show of her own, she hopes. However, a makeover show would be great too, as there are many things that she loves to do.

When asked about her greatest difficulty in the industry, she explained that it’s hard to constantly keep yourself out of the mindset of comparing yourself to someone else. There is always someone more beautiful, talented, or richer than you. Despite this, she says to “stay true to who you are, and stay confident in your gifting.” At the end of the day, people will connect more to your “authentic self.” She had to learn that her journey wasn’t going to be like someone else’s, and that is what keeps her going.

Before What’s Going On reached out to Shae, there was a connection via Instagram. Social media has not only changed the way in which we socialize, but also how we brand ourselves. When it comes to the impact of social media, Shae finds it helpful and necessary. “It gives anyone the chance to brand themselves,” she said. She added that social media changes the way you interact with people; while you had to have connects and resources to get ahead nearly a decade ago, social media makes those same connects come to you instead. It’s opened a new door for many people.

Shae’s three things that have contributed to her success weren’t hard to recall. Her first, hard work, is something that should be done no matter what. “Hard work often trumps talent,” she said confidently. Her second choice was perseverance. Though her life may seem glamorous, she didn’t hesitate to say that there are a lot of peaks and valleys. Nothing will come easy so one must make the decision to stick to their goal. The last, but most important, is purpose. You can’t lose by “having a specific purpose and knowledge of what drives you as a person outside of the industry, your career,” she stressed. When you’re in your valley, you must always remember that your purpose is greater than this moment.

Shae Wilbur is a prime example of a woman who stayed on track to achieve her dreams. Her story proves that with the will to keep trying and put your best foot forward that you can do or be anything. With the support of her husband and her faith, she’s always able to keep her head up through not only the highs, but the lows as well.  Continue to follow Shae and her amazing journey by visiting her website:


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