Owning, marketing, and being the lead designer of your own brand comes with a lot of
responsibility and dedication – Courtney.

Courtney Schofield takes her job very seriously just as she did when the thought of starting her boutique first came to mind. “Fashion is a way of life; it gives you a way to express yourself, and shows who you are” according to Courtney. Courtney states she was always surprised about the amount of attention she got from just having the courage to dress as she wanted. Whether her attire for the day had a designer label, or just something random out of her closet, she always WRITING 1received what she called “unexpected attention” from admirers. She says she constantly received feedback from different women asking what she was wearing, where she got it from, or even if they could raid her closet! This in a whole is where she got the courage to finally launch Fab Cache’ Boutique, LLC.

Fab Cache’ Boutique, LLC came from the root word fabulous. Courtney didn’t want the name to be ordinary, but she wanted fabulous to be incorporated. “I honestly wanted something with fabulous (Fab) because it describes me” said Courtney. Not wanting the basic, normal but to be extra she thought of similar words to express. That is when she came up with the word “Cache’” which means store. Now having the words that express her and her boutique Courtney felt that it was time to put everything else in order. The name Fab Cache’ Boutique, LLC was created to be a fabulous online boutique. The boutique consists of tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, and outwear. All of the shoes are $35 and up, and the clothing are under $30. “I wanted it to be very reasonable and to ensure that they won’t break their bank for my carefully crafted, head turning pieces”, states Courtney.

Johnerio: What fashion quotes do you have or will describe you and the boutique?

Courtney: Yes, I have a saying, “Fabulosity, another day, another SLAY !”Meaning, everyday has an opportunity for you to slay and rock what you are wearing by expressing yourself. I also like two other quotes, one by Marilyn Monroe and COCO Chanel.

Johnerio: Do you think creativity has a lot to do with fashion?

Courtney: Creativity created fashion. It is the main ingredient. Just like Tom Ford goes outside the box to be different, other fashion designers also do that. It changes everything because people and fashion evolve daily when someone creates a new style.

Johnerio: If you could style or work with any person in fashion, who will it be?

Courtney: OH! My God. I would most def love to style Angela Simmons. She is amazing and I love her style. I also would love to work with Olori Swank.

Johnerio: What does your boutique consist of?

Courtney: My boutique consists of tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, and outwear. In the beginning it was going to be shoes and hand bags, but I felt that I could do more for the girls. All of the shoes are $35 and up, and the clothing are under $30. Fashionable, and reasonable at the same time.

Johnerio: Where do you see your boutique in five years?

Courtney: In five years I plan to have a store front boutique selling shoes and handbags. I plan to have my brand name national amongst other boutiques and clothing stores. Most importantly I plan to build my brand bigger and better, allowing clients to come in my store and to personally shop with me. I want to make them feel just as fabulous as me.

Johnerio: What inspired the boutique?

Courtney: It was inspired by what I saw in magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and Angela Simmons. I wanted to start my own brand that would be fashionably reasonable for girls between ages 18-26 who are in college wanting to look “fab” without spending big bucks. I want them to be able to “shop my way” which is cheap and still look like the hottest trend.

Johnerio: Who is your inspiration in fashion?

Courtney: Right now my inspiration is Angela Simmons. My boutique was also inspired from Vogue and high fashion things that you see celebrities wearing.

Johnerio: What is fashion to you?

Courtney: To me fashion is a way of life. It not only gave myself, designers, fashion icons, and stylists the opportunity to express ourselves, but it can give anyone the option to express themselves. Fashion comes from within. It helps individuals to see who you are as a person and to be different. Fashion is versatile.


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