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Powerful Couples Who Exemplify Black Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and also Black History Month so what better time to celebrate the beauty of black love than now. We’re highlighting 5 inspiring couples who exemplify love!

 Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King Jr.

The first couple of the civil rights movement inspired an entire generation. The dynamic duo has taught us that love can thrive when there is a shared dedication to both purpose and legacy.

Barack and Michelle Obama

With over 20 years of marriage, The Obamas beautiful marriage inspired the nation for the last eight years and romance brought to the White House will be missed.

Jada Pickett and Will Smith

Hollywood’s most down to earth and hottest couple. Communication is the secret to their long lasting relationship while being spontaneous keeps the spark alive in the love life.

 Denzel and Paulette Washington

Over 34 years of marriage, we can learn a lot from the Washingtons. Most people say Paulette is one lucky woman to be married to the most talented man in Hollywood but I truly believe Denzel is the lucky one to find a queen like Paulette.  They are the true example of relationship goals.

 Beyonce and Jay Z

One of the world’s highest paid celebrity couple, Jay Z and Beyonce has built a brand, an empire and a family in their past 15 years of love. The Carters are the musical power couple we all love to watch and inspire to be.



5 African American Women To Know in History

Every February, in recognition of Black History Month, we celebrate the achievements and rich contributions of African Americans in our society. African American history is full of groundbreaking activists and fearless leaders who have inspired the world. Though we are constantly reminded of many great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, there are so many more less recognized trailblazers celebrated. As an African American woman, I was excited to learn about the many women who fearlessly paved the way before me.

Check out 5 African American women who played a pivotal role in history and invoked changed:


Ida B. Wells (Civil Rights Activist, Journalist)

Ida B. Wells was an African-American journalist and activist who led an anti-lynching crusade in the United States in the 1890s. Wells established several civil rights organizations and formed the National Association of Colored Women.

Dorothy Height (Civil Rights Activist, Women’s Rights Activist)

American civil rights and women’s rights activist, a widely respected and influential leader of organizations focused primarily on improving the circumstances of and opportunities for African American women.

Gwendolyn Brooks (Poet)

Gwendolyn Brooks is one of the most highly regarded, highly influential, and widely read poets of 20th-century American poetry. She was a much-honored poet, even in her lifetime, with the distinction of being the first black author to win the Pulitzer Prize.

 Septima Poinsette Clark (Civil Rights Activist, Educator)

Septima Poinsette was an American educator and civil rights activist. Clark developed the literacy and citizenship workshops that played an important role in the drive for voting rights and civil rights for African Americans in the American Civil Rights Movement

Jane Bolin (Judge, Lawyer)

Jane Bolin was a trailblazing attorney who became the first African-American female judge in the United States, serving on New York’s Family Court for four decades.