[Video] What’s Going On with Open For Business Co-working Space Atlanta

Contributed By: Katrina Garnes

Online social spaces have allowed me to access a world beyond the rural area of South Carolina that I once called home. I was able to create new and innovative concepts for my area and collaborate with like-minded and diverse individuals. However, it was social spaces like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that allowed me to see the broader scope of ideas and niche concepts that brands and businesses were creating miles away. My friends would define my personality as being obsessive.

6 Ways To Empower and Lead Others

Many want to be a leader, but they don’t portray the skills or qualifications of a leader. Some believe that a leader is someone that can guide others or that others may follow. Some may also believe that a leader is someone that empowers in a positive manner. I agree with the population that believes a leader is someone that empowers others in a positive manner.

Jasmyne Summers Talks Fashion and Creativity

Jasmyne Summers is a 23 year old fashion designer who is destined to be great in the fashion world. She believes that she would not be in the place she is now in her life it is wasn’t for Gods plan. Hailing from Statesboro, GA, she moved to Atlanta, GA to build her brand collection named Page XVII By: Jasmyne S. Page XVII represents her birthday May 17, 1992. Her collection can be described as chic, classic and elegant wear just for women. The collection targets an audience of young and older women whether they are at work, church, a luncheon, a banquet or a special event. Jazmyne believes before we were born God had a plan and a destiny for our lives. Her philosophy is, only through his guidance are we able to figure out what we have been called on this Earth to do. She feels that the name of her clothing line is relatable because everyone has a birthday and a destiny to fulfill. Her moto is that life is like a storybook. Everyone has a story, but what page does yours begin on?

What It Means To Be Alive

Often times we allow certain circumstances and triumphs to define our lives. We tend to get stuck and consumed with temporary moments. However, have you taken the time to reflect on what it means to be alive? Luckily, I had the chance to sit down with actor, singer and songwriter Torion Sellers. Sellers is a shy yet confident artist on the rise here in Atlanta, Georgia. We recently had the opportunity to discuss his new EP release, his acting debut in Barbershop 3 and much more!

[VIDEO] What’s Going On with WE tv’s Match Made In Heaven

Recently, I was invited to attend the red carpet premiere screening of WE tv’s new season of “Match Made in Heaven,” executive produced by Sherri Shepherd and starring Stevie Baggs. The screening took place at the Woodruff Arts Center in Downtown Atlanta. There, I was able to converse with Baggs and Shepherd about the new season of Match Made In Heaven.

There I also chatted with cast members of Real House Wives of Atlanta, Cutting It in the ATL, Braxton Family Values and much more. To watch the interview in its entirety click here or view the video below. Yesterday night several of these shows premiered I would love for you to leave your feedback below!

Essence Festival 2016

The “Party with a Purpose” also known as the ESSENCE Festival is only four months away. It all started in the early 90’s, when ESSENCE magazine wanted to embark on a ground breaking concept. Little did they know, this new and creative idea would turn into one of the most sought after cultural and musical events in the U.S. This lifestyle magazine for African American women made the decision to create a festival of contemporary black music and culture. The only thing they knew was that they wanted the scenery to be somewhere everyone could enjoy great summer food, music, and fun. Having their eyes naturally on New Orleans, since it was the birthplace of Jazz and one of the starting points of Rock&Roll, Rhythm&Blues, Rap and other musical genres in the African American culture and tradition, they begin making preparations to host there first festival in the “Big Easy”.

Don’t Quit Follow Your Dreams

Fulfilling desires in your heart makes your life and dreams worth fighting for. – Sue Ham

Sue-Ham is a mother, veteran Marine, author, speaker, playwright, actor, and director. Being a lady of many hats, she still makes time to travel and share inspiration to others around the world doing what she calls “giving back”. To Sue-Ham giving back is not always monetary, but touching others and giving them resources they can use to follow dreams or to succeed in life trials. When on the road, traveling and being the great motivational speaker she is, she leaves and empowers others by “Don’t Quit, Follow Your Dreams”. “This slogan means a lot to me”, Sue-Ham stated.

Celebrity Stylist Zoe Dupree Dishes All On Creating a Lifestyle


When you hit the scene make sure you do it good enough to have all the eyes on you. If you need assistance doing so, I know one man that will surely give you what you want, Zoe Dupree.

Stefon Allen better known as Zoe Dupree is an all around fashion stylist from Philadelphia. To Zoe, fashion is being able to express yourself without any rules. While looking for a job at the end of his undergrad semester Dupree and a few of his friends snuck in the BET Awards with no money in their pockets, telling celebrities and others around that he was a stylist. At the awards show he had the opportunity to assist with clothing industry elite as well as assisting with clothing malfunctions. Their he had the opportunity to network with established individuals in the industry. Since then Zoe has styled celebrities such as Hip-Hop Princess Lil’ Mo, Fantasia, SWV, and now traveling stylist for rap icon Young Thug. Dupree has been seen on BET’s 106 & Park and New York Fashion Week.

Catching Up With Courtney Schofield

Owning, marketing, and being the lead designer of your own brand comes with a lot of
responsibility and dedication – Courtney.

Courtney Schofield takes her job very seriously just as she did when the thought of starting her boutique first came to mind. “Fashion is a way of life; it gives you a way to express yourself, and shows who you are” according to Courtney. Courtney states she was always surprised about the amount of attention she got from just having the courage to dress as she wanted. Whether her attire for the day had a designer label, or just something random out of her closet, she always WRITING 1received what she called “unexpected attention” from admirers. She says she constantly received feedback from different women asking what she was wearing, where she got it from, or even if they could raid her closet! This in a whole is where she got the courage to finally launch Fab Cache’ Boutique, LLC.