O’Neill: Giving It All Up

82 percent of women feel the beauty standards set by social media are unrealistic.” – study conducted by Dove, 2004.

Over recent years, social media has to some extent become a tool to measure a person’s popularity, or effect
that they have on online communities. People are constantly comparing their lives to their fellow friends. As acquaintances constantly post and share latest accomplishments, special trips, newest valuables, and the like, it’s easy to compare your life to theirs. And with the newest camera and filter apps, it’s a lot easier to become obsessed with comparing your appearance to the one on your phone screen.

[Video] Southern Traditions

On this episode of What’s Going On Katrina cooks up a quick dish with Celebrity Chef, Sterling Wright, from FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen. She also visits Tally Ho Equestrian Center to knock horse riding off her bucket list. Don’t forget to sign up for the official What’s Going On mailing list to be the first to know #TellWhatsGoingOn!

Jules Nobles A Star In The Making

Jules Nobles, a radiant personality from Mississippi, is becoming a shining star in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her career earlier in life, by competing in beauty pageants, and she is now landing roles in multiple films, including Uncommon Law, directed by Brian Work. While modeling is important to her, she considers herself an actress do to the satisfying complexity in her roles. Her role model? Diane Carroll, who appeared in some of the earliest studio films to feature Black casts.

The Impact of Digital Communications

Fifty years ago, communication was a lot different than what we are exposed to now. Most correspondence was done through snail mail (I, for instance, remember mostly writing letters to my grandmother until I was around 14), and while landline phones were around, not everyone had one. Since then, a plethora of strides have been taken to make communicating as effortless as possible. In only seconds, you can communicate with someone half way across the world. For instance, in 2011, the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death spread like wildfire on social media twenty minutes before news outlets started covering it, and an entire hour before President Obama held a press conference about it. In an hour and a half, there was over 583,000 tweets about this one topic. Four years later, news spreads even faster.

What “Folks Wanna Pop Off” Taught Us About Authenticity

Two weeks later and it’s still funny and rather surprising coming from the leader of our free world, commander and chief of the armed forces, head dude in charge, shade thrower, and our beloved President.

Since Obama’s last term in office, we’ve noticed he’s said exactly how he feels and he doesn’t sugarcoat it. He’s tired of people’s crap and isn’t playing Mr. Nice Guy anymore.

In simpler terms, Obama is being 100% himself.

And people like me love him for it.

Quick Beauty Tip: Eyebrows On Fleek

Contributed By: Amber Christy

Have you ever wondered why the new trend in eyebrows? I think it goes without saying that your eyebrows are a pretty big deal! Eyebrows are the frame of your face, and beautifully shaped eyebrows help to bring your FABULOUS features out. Now the first step to achieving your best brow is achieving your shape. I love going to an arch expert to wax my brows. After they are waxed I maintain them by “filling them in” using a brow pencil and concealer. Ready for your shopping list?