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Contributed By: Katrina Garnes

Online social spaces have allowed me to access a world beyond the rural area of South Carolina that I once called home. I was able to create new and innovative concepts for my area and collaborate with like-minded and diverse individuals. However, it was social spaces like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that allowed me to see the broader scope of ideas and niche concepts that brands and businesses were creating miles away. My friends would define my personality as being obsessive.

6 Ways To Empower and Lead Others

Many want to be a leader, but they don’t portray the skills or qualifications of a leader. Some believe that a leader is someone that can guide others or that others may follow. Some may also believe that a leader is someone that empowers in a positive manner. I agree with the population that believes a leader is someone that empowers others in a positive manner.

4 Reasons Women Should Support Other Women

Do women support each other as much as men do? We are starting to see women vocalizing their struggles in the workplace, stating that it’s so much harder to get ahead of their male counterparts. When these studies are done, many people ask why it is so. Some argue that men should understand that women have always been behind, and that patriarchy is alive and well. But what if the key lies in the fact that women don’t support each other as much as they should?

What’s Going On with Nema Kamar

Katrina: You’re originally from South Florida, but you currently live in New York. How long have you been living in New York and what brought you there?

Nema: Here’s the thing, if I told you how long I’ve been living in New York I would be telling you my age lol. I’ve been here for over ten years, I moved here after I graduated from college. I went to the Art Institute and I was on a job as a production assistant at HBO. I was so excited about the job offer I moved to New York. But the guy who offered me the position ended up giving it to his nephew. I was in New York with $847.00 to my name. What do I do? So I just started working in the night life which is what I did when I was in Miami. It developed from working in night life waitressing, to hosting, putting the events together, working for other people, to eventually starting my own business.

Malcolm’s Up Next

Katrina: Who is Malcolm Jabriel?

Malcolm: He is someone that wanted to always be great at everything. Born and raised from South Carolina. Country boy at heart. He has been writing for 10 years. He is someone who is trying to do something and bring his state with him!

Katrina: Are you originally from South Carolina?

Malcolm: Yes, born in Marion. Lived in Florence and Darlington.

Be Clear On Who You Are, What You Offer And Your Audience

Lets say you’re a business coach and you work with women entrepreneurs who want to make their first $1,000 in their business. While there are hundreds to thousands of other business coaches, none of them are you. That’s what separates you from your competitors. Be clear and honest with yourself and audience about who you are.

Next you should get clear on your audience. What kind of person do you want to work with? Think about this long and hard. This is called creating your client’s avatar. What do they look like? Where do they hang out? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time?

[Video] Southern Traditions

On this episode of What’s Going On Katrina cooks up a quick dish with Celebrity Chef, Sterling Wright, from FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen. She also visits Tally Ho Equestrian Center to knock horse riding off her bucket list. Don’t forget to sign up for the official What’s Going On mailing list to be the first to know #TellWhatsGoingOn!

Jules Nobles A Star In The Making

Jules Nobles, a radiant personality from Mississippi, is becoming a shining star in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her career earlier in life, by competing in beauty pageants, and she is now landing roles in multiple films, including Uncommon Law, directed by Brian Work. While modeling is important to her, she considers herself an actress do to the satisfying complexity in her roles. Her role model? Diane Carroll, who appeared in some of the earliest studio films to feature Black casts.