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Preparing Your Child

“Wealth is built through generations, at some point you have to say I’m going to live better for my kids so they don’t have to start from 0.” 

Contributed By | Andre Gammage 

Preparing Your Child for Education is a program designed to provide parents with the appropriate resources and skills necessary to create an effective environment that prepares young children for their education. Judge Gammage has combined his 20 years as managing The Law offices of Berger & Gammage, with 3 years as Magistrate Judge in St. Joseph County Indiana.  Judge Gammage has also raised 4 children who are prospering due to the opportunities put in front of them. 

In Episode 4 we get the perspective from inside the court room, the Judge, and Defense Attorney who stood next to the parent before watching their child go to jail. 

Top Takeaways

1)      Have you done enough

2)      Preparing your child

3)      Help people help themselves


“Your child isn’t born bad or good, they are a blank slate, and you make that child”

“Pyce helps you create a better environment so your child see’s success in you, which brings success to the child.

“Have you put in the effort to hone your skills and get better”

“Wealth is built through generations, at some point you have to say I’m going to do  better for my kids so they don’t have to start from 0.”

Side Note

1)      Election Impact

2)     Your Child is a blank slate.

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