Hiking is Life!

My recent trip to Colorado Springs, CO was when I  first discovered my love for hiking. My hiking trip at Garden of the Gods was definitely a life changing experience that I would never forget. During my transition of moving to Atlanta, I got so consumed living in such a big city, I totally forgot that the most beautiful creation by God is nature.

The wonderful feeling of being out in nature, away from the big city, disconnected from technology allowed me to connect with nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being that I never wanted to let go. Hiking has become my best medicine, giving me a place to escape from all my problems, be free and to clear mind. Even though it was a challenging experience, I was able to leave with a high dosage of determination and motivation for my next hike. The love and respect I’ve gained from hiking have grown into one of my best hobbies that I will continue to share with the world.

Follow me as I continue my hiking journey!! Check out my 5 top picks of great places to hike with amazing waterfalls in the Southeast.


Ruby Falls – Chattanooga, TN

Cumberland Falls – Corbin, KY


Toccoa Falls – Stephens County, GA

Lower White Falls – Oconee County, SC

Amicalola Falls – Dawsonville, GA


6 Ways To Empower and Lead Others

Many want to be a leader, but they don’t portray the skills or qualifications of a leader. Some believe that a leader is someone that can guide others or that others may follow. Some may also believe that a leader is someone that empowers in a positive manner. I agree with the population that believes a leader is someone that empowers others in a positive manner.

What “Folks Wanna Pop Off” Taught Us About Authenticity

Two weeks later and it’s still funny and rather surprising coming from the leader of our free world, commander and chief of the armed forces, head dude in charge, shade thrower, and our beloved President.

Since Obama’s last term in office, we’ve noticed he’s said exactly how he feels and he doesn’t sugarcoat it. He’s tired of people’s crap and isn’t playing Mr. Nice Guy anymore.

In simpler terms, Obama is being 100% himself.

And people like me love him for it.