Often times we allow certain circumstances and triumphs to define our lives. We tend to get stuck and consumed with temporary moments. However, have you taken the time to reflect on what it means to be alive? Luckily, I had the chance to sit down with actor, singer and songwriter Torion Sellers. Sellers is a shy yet confident artist on the rise here in Atlanta, Georgia. We recently had the opportunity to discuss his new EP release, his acting debut in Barbershop 3 and much more!

Taylor: Who is Torion Sellers?

Torion Sellers: One of the dopiest artist coming out of the A [Atlanta] right now – Straight Up!

Taylor: Congrats on on recently graduated from high school that’s the beginning of everything. Do you plan on going to college?

Torion Sellers: Online classes so I can focus more on with my music.

Taylor: What keeps you motivated? Most people at your age would be motivated by money and relationships?

Torion Sellers: My fans. Having people supporting me makes me want to support myself even more.

Taylor: Who keeps you grounded in all of this [industry]?

Torion Sellers: My parents. They have always been there for me and never let me down and of course GOD lol

Taylor: Often individuals seeking to grow in the entertainment industry relocate to Atlanta. Atlanta has become one of the epicenters for not only film but music as well. How has being from Atlanta helped develop you as an artist?

Torion Sellers: You definitely adds some sauce to ya lol. The whole ATL swag and the culture.

Taylor: So the EP is titled “Alive” What does it mean to be alive to you?

Torion Sellers: Awaken…. Some people have been sleep on me and it’s time to get up. Don’t hit the snooze
button. Also, if you watch the movie, Barbershop 3 you can get more of an understanding.

Taylor: What do you think is missing from music today?

Torion Sellers: ME! It’s just time for some new faces in the game, which is ME!

Taylor: Do you think having a role in Barbershop 3 gave you an extra push in the industry? What did you learn from that experience?

Torion Sellers: I learned to just to keep going. I’m surrounded by so many great legends. I tried to soak in as much wisdom as possible. Which in return has just inspired me to not give up on the things I’m pursuing.


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